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Care Sheet for Chicks

I love hatching chicks and have discovered that high quality, locally raised chicks can be hard to find. It's a great match, I can hatch chicks and find homes that appreciate them. I have nothing against the large hatcheries, they provide the only means for many to have chickens at all, but they are not the best choice for everyone. We are trying to provide another choice for people in the southeast PA area. We don't have the volume or the variety you can get at other hatcheries. This is a part time hobby and both space and time are limited, so we pick breeds that are of interest to us and that we believe will be of interest to many people. There is something special about every breed we have, and almost none of our breeds originated at commercial hatcheries.

List of all poultry
Autosexing breeds
Cream Legbars (pure Jill Rees line) - imported by Greenfire Farms. Blue eggs. Female chicks $10
Welbars - Autosexing Welsummers that lay dark brown eggs.
- Gold - this is the normal color of a Welsummer, with the barring added. Female chicks $15
- Silver - silver instead of gold, with salmon colored breasts. Female chicks $20

Sexable Hybrids
Olive Eggers - cross of Cream Legbars and Welbars. Autosexing, but not true breeding. Variable shades of green eggs. Female chicks $10
Blue Eggs Black Sexlinks - look like black Ameraucanas, but sexable as chicks. Lots of light blue eggs. Female chicks $8
Zebrinas - cross of our 2 top laying breeds, California Grey X Cream Legbar. This is a new hybrid, but I expect it to be our very best blue egg layer. Black barred blue egg layers. Female chicks $8

Ameraucanas (not hatchery stock, most strains are from top show breeders)
Black - some are split for both Lavender and Silkied, but look like normal blacks. Straight run chicks $4
Lavender (split for Silkied but look like normal lavenders). Straight run chicks $8
Silver - Straight run chicks $4
Silkied Lavender
Bantam Lavender

Other chicken breeds
Genetic Hackle - aka Fly Tie chickens. The roosters grow long feathers suitable for tying dry flies. Straight run $20
California Greys - our only commercial breed, sexable at hatch. Looks like a barred Leghorn. White eggs. Female chicks $8
Breda Fowl - white eggs, no combs at all on this breed. We occasionally have blue and splash chicks available

Other Poultry
Turkeys - Royal Palm and Mottled Blacks - straight run poults $12
Ducks - Welsh Harlequin (light, laying breed, not for meat production). Female ducklings $10
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