Purebred Ameraucanas are very different than the "Easter Eggers" that are sold by hatcheries. Only 2 hatcheries offer the pure Ameraucanas (that I am aware of). They are much more expensive than the commonly offered chicks, and also impossible to sex until they are several months old, but if you are looking for consistently blue eggs, you want the purebreds and not the mixes that can lay blue, green, or even brown eggs.

The major drawback for many people is that they are straight run. If you like the look and blue eggs of the Ameraucanas, but can't have a rooster in your flock, then we recommend looking at our Black Sexlinks.
They are half black Ameraucanas and are very easily sexed. The females look so much like a female purebred Ameraucana you will likely never know the difference. Note that the Sexlinks do not breed true, if you want a sustainable flock of blue eggs layers (and therefore want roosters) then Ameraucanas are what you want.

We offer these in several colors:
Black - They have an excellent temperment and are quite beautiful, especially when the sun brings out the irridescent purple and green in their feathers.
Silver - I think these lay the truest blue egg of any of the breeds I keep. Hens seem extra docile.
Lavender - These are a soft grey color. Lavender is a hugely popular color right now, lavender Orpingtons for example. If you want a lavender hen, why not get one that also lays a pretty egg. I describe their eggs as turquois, they have a hint of green,