PThese are our take on the black sexlink, but improved for the blue egg market.

Black sexlinks are a popular choice from nearly every hatchery in America, but ours are unique because they lay blue rather than brown eggs. We make this cross because our Black Ameraucanas are very popular but have one big drawback - their pea combs make them very hard to sex until they are nearly fully grown.
By using a black Ameraucana in a cross with a barred hen, we are able to produce black sexlinks that are easily sexable as chicks (male have a white headspot and quickly show white barring on their wings), yet look remarkably like a black Ameraucana hen, right down to their production of beautiful blue eggs. The vigor that is added when creating a hybrid makes them even better layers too.
If you are looking for a lot of blue eggs, they should be on your list. The pea combs they inherit from their father also makes them extra cold-resistant (not much of any exposed comb to get frostbit).
You have to admit that irridescent black plumage is pretty awesome too.