California Greys are the only breed we maintain that are available from a commercial hatchery. Females are used to create 2 of our hybrids, the Blue Egg Black Sexlink and the Zebrina. Both are extraordinary producers of blue eggs because the California Grey is itself an exceptional white egg layer.

Because we keep a breeding group of California Greys to supply breeding stock for our hybrids, we also make them available to our customers who want white eggs. They are basically a leghorn with the coloring of a barred rock. The barring makes them genetically useful for making black sexlinks, but it also makes them less visible to predators than white leghorns, the typical recommendation for producing a lot of white eggs.

They are excellent at free ranging, because they are alert and flighty (like a leghorn). They are sexable at hatch because the males have a much larger white spot on their head.