Tying your own dry flies for fishing is a popular hobby. Anyone who has looked at the price of feathers had wondered where they come from. Many different types of birds have been used for this, but the mainstay for dry flies are specially bred chickens. The roosters are gorgeous birds in their own right, but being able to pluck feathers to making flies is a huge advantage these roosters have over their more "common" brethren.

There are very few sources for these because the companies that charge upwards of $100 for the feathers from a single bird would prefer to keep that market and not create any competitors. As happened with with silkworms, coffee and other once rare genetics, these also have escaped into the general population.

We are selling these for just $20 each for straight run chicks. Unlike all our other breeds, the roos are more valuable than the hens for many people. If you end up with too many roosters, you can likely find someone willing to buy them.