Penedesencas originated in Spain and were almost extinct a fe decades ago because farmers in their homeland were persuaded to switch to commercial hybrids. Fortunately some concerned individuals preserved them and they are making their way around the world, propelled largely by the heritage breed movement.

These are still exceedingly rare, but not because they are hard to keep or don't lay many eggs. Our small group has so far performed much better than any other dark egg layer we have tried.

Because of their Mediterranian origins, they are small and alert, like Legbhorns. That alertness, combined with their cryptic coloration, makes these excellent for free ranging.

The chicks look like little chipmunks. They are not sexable untile they reach about 3 weeks of age, then the males are evident by their larger combs.

Anyone familiar with Welsummers will note a lot of similarities. The egg color is identical (picture show 4 Welbar eggs on the left and 6 Pene eggs on the right). Welsummers have yellow legs, proper Penes should have blue legs (as shown in the pictures), though I get some with yellow legs, suggesting this group may have some Welsummer blood as well.